Nelly’s third album to be called “Loose”

Hi Everyone, Nelly has just left us all a message, you can read it below!

Hi everybody! How are you? I hope everybody is indulging in the hot pleasures of summer! I write this from the ‘lab’ as I continue to record my new album..It is getting closer to being finished every single day..I have recorded over 20 tracks with many different producers and writers in Toronto, L.A., Miami, and London. My third, internationally released album will be called “Loose”.

Some new sample song titles:

* Undercover
* Runaway
* What I Wanted
* For Sure

Stay tuned for music samples and sneak previews!

Tip of the week: The Bloc Party album, “Silent Alarm” gets my body writhing in beautiful musical convulsions.

Love to all,

Nelly xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

beijinhos para todos!

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  • cris

    Sounds great I’m definitely gonna pick it up! Love Bloc Party as well-especially Like eating glass.

  • Byron

    Getting that album, is there no official date for release i hope its before 23 december ill be in london on the 24 im from south africa and we no longer stock singles so im gonna buy them there

  • inĂªs

    can’t wait to listen to it… the title songs sound great =0) absolutely love the name of the album.

    be here waiting for some more news… and audio samples.



  • Suzanne

    It’s very cool that she keeps us posted about how she’s doing.
    20 tracks ! ! !Wow, that’s a whole lot of music-fun! Can’t wait till it’s going to be released. I also like the title loose, it’s sound good. but i dont quite know what it means, I guess you’ll have to listen to the album to understand. I’m also looking forward to the song with Pharrel Williams.

    Love from the Netherlands,

    Peace (good idea, ines!) spread the word

  • NellyOnYaStereo

    I can’t wait for the new record. Love Furtado to death, and I love her previous two records. She is groundbreaking. The title “Loose” is a little weird, but so is “Folklore”. The album probably won’t be released until early 2006, hate to jinx it though, sorry.

  • Jesse Leonard

    Love Nelly Furtado!!! waiting for new album! cant wait to hear something new from her!

  • Anibal

    Wow, love Nelly. I can’t wait for the new album

  • David

    I can’t wait for Nelly Furtado’s new album! Me and my friends here in West Palm Beach, Florida LOVE her but she never comes to Florida. (If she did she would have a sold out show)Anyway we would love to see a new music video on t.v…or maybe even on MTV!!(Just like Turn off the lights was) I wish you all the luck in the world keep on doing what you do best. Remember Florida loves you!!!!!

  • Byron

    When the album comes Out I will be in London so im gonna get the single and the album there and catch Natalie Imbruglia the “Thinking Mans Kylie” single out now “Counting Down The Days”